CHOKYEH's attitude towards environmental protection

The sustainable development of the excellence of production and products
Seek technical innovation and cost-effective ways to further improve the production process.
To reduce waste, improve their products and processes in the environment, health and safety performance.

We recommend:

Soap least harm to human body and environment, is one of the most admired sustainable products products.
The soap main component is sodium fatty acid, extracted from animal oil or vegetable oil, containing natural ingredients, no harm to human body. So the soap is more natural washing supplies, influence and discharged with soap after washing sewage on the environment is minimized, and can in a very short time to let the water biological decomposition.

Our method:

Development and sales of sustainable innovative products, reducing the impact on the environment, to meet the consumer / customer needs.

Improve the packing, reduce material:

Packaging will be too exaggerated cause unnecessary waste of environmental resources, we have been advocating simple suitable for packaging products, to avoid excessive packaging waste of material, reducing material that is meant to reduce deforestation on the environment, at the same time for carbon emissions products transport also produced a decrease, this is a for his attitude towards nature.

To improve the product, saving water:

A lot of people think, washing products to more foam the better, in fact, more foam means more water resources to use, this is not a good method for saving water resources. We are working on the development and perfection of the waste of water resources caused by washing products due to excessive foam.